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HUD v2

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About to hit the update servers is the Bad Wolf HUD version 2. Featuring all previous options such as effects (with optional packs) and public rezzer controls. New functions also include:
  • – Place up to 12 exteriors in your HUD
  • – Make an exterior form around you in any location (where objects can be rezzed)
  • – Call an exterior to form nearby to you in any location (where objects can be rezzed)
  • – Hide your avatar before taking off
  • – Have an exterior form around you whenever you teleport around the grid
When an exterior is rezzed, it updates the console room with its new location. Arriving within the next 24 hours. If you don’t receive an update, drop me a line in-world!  

Saturday updates

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Thanks to feedback, the radar script has now been updated. The radar detects life forms in close proximity to the centre console and the exterior when it lands. The orginal radar showed avatar positions for both, but when an avatar teleported from an exterior to the interior, a double radar reading was shown (one for the interior proximity and one for the exterior proximity) as there is a delay of up to 20 seconds for the exterior to send updated data to the console. I also noticed that if an avatar was 1m from the console and another was 1m from the exterior, both avatars showed as 1m from the console, whereas the exterior avatar should be towards the doorway, the gateway between the interior and the exterior. With me so far?

I have re-written the script to remove duplicate avatar entries, so when an avatar teleports from an exterior, the interior reading takes priority and filters out the exterior reading whilst the exterior updates correctly. If an avatar teleports from the interior, then the proximity to the exterior will not show until the exterior sends updated data due to the nature of the scanning function. Furthermore, the proximity to the exterior now includes the distance from the centre console to the doorway, making the radar seem more realistic. For example, if one avatar is 1m from the console in the interior, the reading will show 1m. If another avatar is 1m from the exterior and the distance from the interior console to the doors is 8m, then the radar will show the avatar’s position in relation to the doorway/console which is 9m. Clever eh? Especially as the interior and exterior share the same point in time and space.

The only other update today is that when a console room is removed or replaced then the orb instructs any landed exterior to take off automatically.

Friday update

Written by admin. Posted in Uncategorized

The following have been tested today:

– Rezzers showing as mod/copy to allow location doorway view textures to be inserted
– Database shows that owner location textures have been registered
– Lock door function when exterior and console are in public mode
– Random location chooser in flight navigation computer

Following feedback yesterday regarding rezzers, I have amened the initial information when a rezzer is placed and named to strongly remind users not to right-click delete a rezzer but to remove it correctly from the database using:

HUD -> Rezzers  -> Show
REZZER -> Delete

Removing by right-click delete retains the information in the database and pilots will see locations when choosing a landing location (if it is set to public of course). However, no landing will take place if a rezzer does not reply to a land command sent by the console, which would be the case if a rezzer was deleted and didn’t exist.

Updated rezzers and the updated Organic console room have not been added to the update server as I don’t want beta testers to be bombarded with updates all the time. I will roll out updates when several changes have been made instead.

Updates today:

– Rezzer delete reminder added when user places a new rezzer
– Astrosextant now updates/refreshes location correctly
– Local stats now show time since last console change or sim restart, whichever was more recent
– Random location chooser now added to the flight navigation computer

Don’t forget to leave feedback and suggestions in the forum. All feedback and beta testing is greatly appreciated.

Thursday updates

Written by admin. Posted in Uncategorized

Well, beta testing is underway and so far, so good. A couple of minor issues to fix but all seems to be working well.

Updates today:

– Console room weather panel is now showing correct values
– Day and night view is functioning correctly now
– Exterior arrival level adjusted (was arriving slightly high)
– Flight controls don’t lose the previous location when the power is off

Update servers have been updated with the updated versions and will deliver them when an exterior or console room is rezzed.

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