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Rotor timings update

Written by admin. Posted in News, Script updates, Second Life

All consoles have been checked for rotor timings and have been tweaked if needed. This will enhance role play – feedback that we have received from customers. On some rooms the door controls have been modified to improve their functionality too.

Updates are in the update server so simply rez an old room to receive a free updated one. Alternatively, you can use the the redelivery console in store and receive the latest version of any product that you own.

Tweaks and timings

Written by admin. Posted in Console rooms, News, Products, Script updates, Second Life

The ‘Chocolate’ console has had a minor rotor tweak this week – it now turns as well as pulses in flight. In addition, we have started looking at some rotor timings as some of you have told us that the rotors sometimes need to catch up their cycles even after landing. The ‘Chocolate’ has had its timing enhanced and should now enhance your role play and enjoyment. Other consoles with rotor timing issues will be tweaked and re-issued over the next week or two. Please do send your feedback, either in world, via email or by using the forum on this site. We do listen and address your requests as best we can. Another little tweak is the use of hover-text control labels in the ’70s’ and ‘Chocolate’ mesh consoles. It seems that mesh-based prims do not use the same touch event method that is sensed by the root prim that standard prims use. In standard consoles you can touch any prim connected to the root prim when the power is turned off to toggle the control labels on and off. With mesh consoles this only works when the prims you touch are not mesh, therefore not showing controls when you touch a mesh prim. So, these two consoles have had a script change to allow that to happen and function as normal. Updates are in the update server. Rez your old version for an updated version or use the redelivery consoles in the stores.

Updated HUD released with NEW Emote function

Written by admin. Posted in Add ons, Products, Script updates, Second Life

The new T60 HUD v4.1 should be arriving with you today. Either rez an existing HUD to trigger the update server to send a new one or collect an updated FREE Starter pack from the New London sim (BT Tower and Adipose Square). The new HUD has a PBDr11 Mesh exterior already pre-loaded which should be easier for new users to get up and running with the T60 system. The HUD itself now allows users to rez exteriors on group-owned land if they are a member of that group. Also included is a new FREE Emote add-on. Simply wear it and activate its menu from the ‘config’ icon on your HUD. It shows emotes above your head using textures in the object’s ‘content’ tab. There are five useful textures included and you can add your own textures to show up to eleven emotes in all. Any textures you add are automatically added to the easy menu system that selects the emote you wish to show. Oh how Laredo and I chuckled when I wore the “I’m with this idiot” emote! Your imagination is the only limit.

Minor HUD update to v4.1

Written by admin. Posted in News, Script updates, Second Life

The HUD has been tweaked so that users are now able to rez exteriors on group owned land – provided the user is a member of that group. Previously, everyone was informed that the land was group owned and an exterior was not called. With this update everyone is given a new ‘Temporal alert’ about the land being group owned but the HUD will now attempt to rez an exterior. As avatars are hidden during this process to create the materialisation effect, if an exterior fails to arrive then the HUD must be used to ‘Show me’ and cancel the ‘hide’ animation. This update is not essential but will be of use to anyone who uses group owned land.  

v4.0 changelog

Written by admin. Posted in Script updates, Scripts, Second Life

Most v4.0 changes are ‘under the hood’ to allow multiple cores and console rooms to be used simultaneously. A few minor amendments have also been made to allow additional modifications by the end user. A few bugs have been fixed and all consoles have been retro-fitted with the in-flight turbulence FX. CONSOLE
  • NEW – Roll out of TransitFX to all consoles – in-flight random or manual FX including bumpy
  • NEW – Rez multiple cores/console rooms in the same region or grid-wide
  • NEW – Power menu option ‘Activate’ – activates console room as primary gateway when using multiple rooms/cores
  • NEW – Power menu option ‘Re-rez’ – deletes and re-rezzes non-linked parts in relation to a changed room position
  • NEW – ‘Controls’ is now part of the power system menu to enable users to more easily show console control labels
  • NEW – Direct teleport to exterior when walking into the gateway (console owner only using viewers that allow this function)
  • NEW – Non-owners walking into gateway after console has landed are presented with TP map automatically
  • NEW – Mod the sound played in the background when power is turned on – add your own sound file and it will play
  • UPDATED – Manual location message vector instruction changed from <x.y.z> to <x,y,z>
  • UPDATED – RP script manages vortex change more efficiently so larger builds receive vortex choices correctly
  • UPDATED – ‘Show controls’ control/script removed (now managed by Power menu)
  • UPDATED – Sandbox manager now just reports sandbox presence rather than deleting and managing consoles
  • BUG FIX – Paradox Machine add-on now rezzes around the console centre correctly
  • BUG FIX – When scanner is powered off then on again, the screen no longer defaults to galaxy view
  • NEW – Rez multiple cores in the same sim or grid-wide – allows multiple console room use
  • NEW – Each core (if more than one used) manages the console room that it has rezzed – delete and database entry
  • UPDATED – ‘Delete all’ option no longer required to remove core from database – removed menu option
  • NEW – Add a texture to show as a background in an exterior when using direct travel mode without a console room
  • NEW – Monochrome texture
  • UPDATED – Notecard location list 25.07.12
  • UPDATED – Manual location message vector instruction changed from <x.y.z> to <x,y,z>
  • NEW – default doorway image replaces black texture
  • BUG FIX – Soul appears correctly and no longer disappears after a very short time – script re-written

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