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v4.0 changelog

Written by admin. Posted in Script updates, Scripts, Second Life

Most v4.0 changes are ‘under the hood’ to allow multiple cores and console rooms to be used simultaneously. A few minor amendments have also been made to allow additional modifications by the end user. A few bugs have been fixed and all consoles have been retro-fitted with the in-flight turbulence FX. CONSOLE
  • NEW – Roll out of TransitFX to all consoles – in-flight random or manual FX including bumpy
  • NEW – Rez multiple cores/console rooms in the same region or grid-wide
  • NEW – Power menu option ‘Activate’ – activates console room as primary gateway when using multiple rooms/cores
  • NEW – Power menu option ‘Re-rez’ – deletes and re-rezzes non-linked parts in relation to a changed room position
  • NEW – ‘Controls’ is now part of the power system menu to enable users to more easily show console control labels
  • NEW – Direct teleport to exterior when walking into the gateway (console owner only using viewers that allow this function)
  • NEW – Non-owners walking into gateway after console has landed are presented with TP map automatically
  • NEW – Mod the sound played in the background when power is turned on – add your own sound file and it will play
  • UPDATED – Manual location message vector instruction changed from <x.y.z> to <x,y,z>
  • UPDATED – RP script manages vortex change more efficiently so larger builds receive vortex choices correctly
  • UPDATED – ‘Show controls’ control/script removed (now managed by Power menu)
  • UPDATED – Sandbox manager now just reports sandbox presence rather than deleting and managing consoles
  • BUG FIX – Paradox Machine add-on now rezzes around the console centre correctly
  • BUG FIX – When scanner is powered off then on again, the screen no longer defaults to galaxy view
  • NEW – Rez multiple cores in the same sim or grid-wide – allows multiple console room use
  • NEW – Each core (if more than one used) manages the console room that it has rezzed – delete and database entry
  • UPDATED – ‘Delete all’ option no longer required to remove core from database – removed menu option
  • NEW – Add a texture to show as a background in an exterior when using direct travel mode without a console room
  • NEW – Monochrome texture
  • UPDATED – Notecard location list 25.07.12
  • UPDATED – Manual location message vector instruction changed from <x.y.z> to <x,y,z>
  • NEW – default doorway image replaces black texture
  • BUG FIX – Soul appears correctly and no longer disappears after a very short time – script re-written

Update v2.5 changelog

Written by admin. Posted in News, Script updates, Scripts, Second Life

Bad Wolf PetrichorOS v2.5 script updating is currently underway and is now branded as ‘Petrichor’ Operating System (OS). All changes will be logged and updated here in the changelog. MANUALS   GENERAL – NEW – Instruction manuals now on-line using Mediawiki for easier updates/amendments – options for viewing the wiki link available in rezzer, HUD and Core components – NEW – Type 60 ‘Core’ now replaces Time Sceptre structure – allows greater expansion/mod by end user   CONSOLES
  • – NEW – Set ‘Home’ location in flight computer to any public, private (if on a guest list) or personal rezzer in the database
  • – NEW – Set console to land at your ‘Home’ location using your flight computer
  • – NEW – EP1 (Emergency Program One) – lands the console at the ‘Home’ location, sets access to owner only and powers down
  • – NEW – Once set, the home location is stored on the database – automatically retrieved when each new console is rezzed
  • – NEW – Problem effects on landing – random 1:3 chance of an effect activated – smoke, steam, sparks, artron energy release
  • – NEW – Sonic device interaction with various console functions
  • – NEW – Start fires with a Sonic device – console room fires cause exteriors to burst into flames too
  • – NEW – Fires activated by regeneration add-on
  • – NEW – Console sparks in response to Sonic device activation nearby
  • – NEW – Sonic devices can recharge Artron levels by 5% on each ‘recharge’ activation
  • – NEW – Mod users can add own doorway textures to the root prim to show as backdrops in exteriors
  • – NEW – Set the volume level of ambient sounds in the console room (exterior level corresponds to console level)
  • – NEW – Owner on-line status used by other scripts – no messages/IMs sent when offline (except power script)
  • – NEW – Manual landing option deactivates the time rotor for more realistic RP when using a landmark to arrive
  • – NEW – Instruction manuals in scanner options displays user manual
  • – NEW – When HADS is activated, some console parts become ‘live’ and will send an electric shock to unauthorised users
  • – NEW – Internet monitor option allows web page browsing
  • – NEW – Instruction manuals wiki page can be viewed on the monitor display
  • – NEW – Sandbox region detection routine – remove any existing consoles when a new one is rezzed and auto delete after 60 minutes
  • – NEW – When an exterior forms in close proximity to a console, the paradox this creates activates the cloister bell
  • – NEW – Menu controller for operating multiple functions from one script in low-prim builds
  • – NEW – Three additional vortices – red (future), blue (past) and 80’s style starfield
  • – NEW – Choose optional bumpy landing effect if not in RP mode (automatic in RP mode)
  • – NEW – Manual landing – set region and landing vector in map prim in addition to map and LM options
  • – NEW – Flight navigation computer full search function and view rezzers that include you on the guestlist
  • – NEW – Allow one flight to a guest using DVD control disc (optional pack)
  • – UPDATED – Memory check/chatter scripts combined – reduction of 1 script
  • – UPDATED – Self destruct and console fire script merged – reduction of 1 script
  • – UPDATED – URL viewer changed to
  • – UPDATED – Scanner script more efficient – completely re-written – location images should update more accurately
  • – UPDATED – Owner on-line status check changed from 5 seconds to 60 seconds – reduce script demand
  • – UPDATED – Isomorphic control no longer responds to companions – owner controlled only
  • – UPDATED – Smoke effect – texture applied
  • – UPDATED – Effects – steam, bang and artron energy release added
  • – UPDATED – Plaque shows build date 2012 and Type 60 to reflect updated build
  • – UPDATED – Layout plans no longer used – consoles have control display hover text labels
  • – UPDATED – Dematerialisation sounds added to time rotor
  • – UPDATED – Communications system between console and exterior – faster and more responsive
  • – UPDATED – Faster communication to rezzers eliminating landing delay
  • – UPDATED – Scanner galaxy view now has texture movement
  • – UPDATED – Vortex choice menu added to role play (RP) menu
  • – UPDATED – Galaxy observatory feature now built into each console room rather than in a Time Sceptre orb
  • – BUG FIX – Flight computer warns pilot using it if no location is available – only owner was informed previously
  • – BUG FIX – Handbrake/Land script now chats progress to pilot rather than owner
  • – BUG FIX – Scanner display “26 06 10” crack date now shows correctly in menu – rather than “26 06 11”
  • – BUG FIX – Lights now turn off correctly in console room and exterior when temporal prison is activated
  • – BUG FIX – Datastream transmission comms re-established on each landing to prevent occasional loss of console/exterior link
  • – BUG FIX – Handbrake now shows correct materialisation message when a location is not set and a pilot attempts to land
  • – BUG FIX – When exterior is called manually and another exterior has already landed, console re-activates time rotor as new exterior lands
  • – BUG FIX – Panel consoles display actual control name in dialog menus rather than ‘Panel A’ etc
  • – BUG FIX – Temporal suspension galaxy shows correctly on scanner when ‘location’ is being viewed
  • – BUG FIX – Handbrake land not responding after Vortex Loop
  • – BUG FIX – Last known rezzer name was showing on manual landing or summon
  • – NEW – Limit of 12 exteriors in the HUD removed – menu shows all exteriors in the HUD
  • – NEW – Design and functions moved to different icons – Exterior, Flight computer (for non-console operation), Effects, K9, Sonic device, Configuration
  • – NEW – Control ‘Core’ functions using the HUD
  • – NEW – Travel from place to place directly using the HUD
  • – NEW – Travel using exteriors without the need to have a console room – direct point-to-point travel
  • – NEW – Notecard backup system for direct travel (or for direct travel to locations without a rezzer)
  • – NEW – Default exterior setting is now stored in the database and retrieved each time a user logs in to SL
  • – NEW – Exterior stores comms channel for pilot in database so HUD can re-connect to a rezzed exterior when user logs back in
  • – NEW – HUD monitors inventory to ensure database registered default exterior is available
  • – NEW – Shield allows companions to pass through safely in addition to the pilot
  • – NEW – Insert texture to show on exterior backdrop when using direct/no console travel
  • – UPDATED – Menu layouts – removed unecessary options and made layout more logical
  • – BUG FIX – Entity and sink effect options now show correctly in the fx menu
  • – NEW – Code added to support forthcoming rezzer arrival FX packs
  • – UPDATED – Script more efficient to help reduce lag even further
  • – UPDATED – BW and NLS is now shown as Type 60 and Type 50 exteriors (respectively)
  • – UPDATED – Warnings about missing exteriors are now only given for Type 60
  • – BUG FIX – Resetting a rezzer allows the same name that was used before for the same rezzer object
  • – NEW – Sonic device interaction with various exterior functions and effects
  • – NEW – Spin effect – exterior rotates with light flashing
  • – NEW – Exterior plays ambient sound of currently rezzed console room
  • – NEW – Ambient sound volume level reflects console room volume level %
  • – NEW – Entity effect now makes Police Box sign turn green
  • – NEW – Exteriors now have different arrival and departure effects (long/phase in and out) and sounds depending on the form
  • – NEW – When EP1 has landed an exterior, the doors open – once the doors are closed they are locked
  • – NEW – When an exterior forms in close proximity to a console, the paradox this creates activates the cloister bell
  • – NEW – Mod option for own chameleon circuit design by adding your own texture
  • – NEW – When no console is present exterior uses a default interior sound that can be modified by adding own sound
  • – UPDATED – Chat relay – all interior chat is sent to exterior but only pilot and companion chat is listened to by exterior and relayed to interior
  • – UPDATED – Interior backdrop only shows when the exterior doors are open
  • – UPDATED – Backdrop image pre-loaded to speed up display when doors are opened
  • – UPDATED – Backdrop only turns red when the cloister bell is activated and the console room is illuminated in red light
  • – UPDATED – Particle effects – adjusted variables to reduce number of particles whilst retaining visual effect – reducing viewer processing demand
  • – UPDATED – Communications system between console and exterior more efficient and faster
  • – UPDATED – Type 60 exteriors have the prefix ~ to distinguish from BW and NLS
  • – UPDATED – Landing damper for mid-air and tumbling exterior arrivals
  • – BUG FIX – [ prefix for temporal prison activation warning removed from exterior name
  • – BUG FIX – Temporal prison activation now shows who activated it correctly
  • – BUG FIX – Dust effect will no longer show if exterior arrives mid-air
  • – BUG FIX – Exterior door correctly set to ‘Exterior door’ when someone knocks rather than ‘Object’
  • – BUG FIX – When landing in proximity to console, finger snap gesture is only processed by the console room to prevent door control errors
  • – NEW – Prison doors activated by Sonic device
  • – UPDATED – Console rotation by 30 degrees – improved visual angle

Flight navigation

Written by admin. Posted in News, Script updates, Scripts, Second Life

The flight navigation computer has now been updated to v1.5 and includes an improved Randomiser function and also it now has the option to select the category of location you want to land at. For example, if you select ‘shopping’ then all locations in the flight computer will be locations set by the rezzer owner as a ‘shopping’ location. One change is that the flight navigation computer can only now be accessed when the Time Sceptre is in flight.

The Astrosextant Rectifier (remote sim status display) has also received an update, fixing a minor bug that retained and displayed the last region name when in flight. Also, it now displays the rezzer name so it is clear where you have landed, rather than just showing the sim name and region status. It also now shows the FPS (Frames Per Second) and time dilation of the remote sim, which indicates the amount of lag being experienced there.

Companion access

Written by admin. Posted in News, Script updates, Scripts, Second Life

Coming in the forthcoming v1.5 release is the ability to add companions to have access to your console and exterior doors.

At the moment, the console owner can set the controls to pilot only (the owner) or public (everyone).

However, a new feature will give Time Sceptre owners a much improved flexibility. The same options exist, though the ‘pilots’ option is now called ‘isomorphic’ – where the Time Sceptre allows access by organic lifeforms to its systems.

Using a menu system, upto 12 companions can be added or removed from the authorised list. This list is stored on the database so that when a new console theme is rezzed, the console acquires the permissions previously set (as will the exteriors to allow door control and therefore entry to the console room). No need for additional HUDs or keys that allow a companion access forever.

v1.5 additions

Written by admin. Posted in News, Script updates, Scripts, Second Life

Commands added to power and console scripts:
  • – Baker vortex graphics as an additional choice of doorway animation
  • – Toggle text labels on and off for lever/button/panel controls to assist control orientation

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