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Blogs, group chats and moans

Written by admin. Posted in Personal, Second Life

Before you read on….I script the T60. Everything. I love T60 products, obviously. I also like HoO products and always have. I have used many other types of TTC  and liked them too. The reason I like them all is because I fully admire and have the greatest respect for all the creators and scripters of every brand of TTC product in SL. It is a difficult and relentless job at times. It’s frustrating occassionally. But it’s very rewarding when people like what you do. It makes all the hours you have invested in something worthwhile. What annoys me is the moaning. The bitching. The sheer nastiness sometimes. Now I know that is human nature. I’m 42. I’m not stupid. I have two kids (21 and 19 for those who are interested). I have a very demanding full time job and an even more demanding Mrs – those of you who know me well know exactly what I mean! I usually ignore the nastiness – I don’t really have the time to let it concern me, which is probably a good thing. But when you read about how your hard work and effort is publically labelled as shit because it isn’t the same as another brand, it’s hurtful. Of course the T60 is different to HoO. They are different. That’s the point. I don’t care if people have differences. Or if there is a ‘past history’. When these sort of comments are made, and group moderators allow them to continue to be made, it’s not the ‘other’ people you are attacking. It’s me.

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