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Updated HUD released with NEW Emote function

Written by admin. Posted in Add ons, Products, Script updates, Second Life

The new T60 HUD v4.1 should be arriving with you today. Either rez an existing HUD to trigger the update server to send a new one or collect an updated FREE Starter pack from the New London sim (BT Tower and Adipose Square). The new HUD has a PBDr11 Mesh exterior already pre-loaded which should be easier for new users to get up and running with the T60 system. The HUD itself now allows users to rez exteriors on group-owned land if they are a member of that group. Also included is a new FREE Emote add-on. Simply wear it and activate its menu from the ‘config’ icon on your HUD. It shows emotes above your head using textures in the object’s ‘content’ tab. There are five useful textures included and you can add your own textures to show up to eleven emotes in all. Any textures you add are automatically added to the easy menu system that selects the emote you wish to show. Oh how Laredo and I chuckled when I wore the “I’m with this idiot” emote! Your imagination is the only limit.

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