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The ‘Chocolate’ console has had a minor rotor tweak this week – it now turns as well as pulses in flight. In addition, we have started looking at some rotor timings as some of you have told us that the rotors sometimes need to catch up their cycles even after landing. The ‘Chocolate’ has had its timing enhanced and should now enhance your role play and enjoyment. Other consoles with rotor timing issues will be tweaked and re-issued over the next week or two. Please do send your feedback, either in world, via email or by using the forum on this site. We do listen and address your requests as best we can. Another little tweak is the use of hover-text control labels in the ’70s’ and ‘Chocolate’ mesh consoles. It seems that mesh-based prims do not use the same touch event method that is sensed by the root prim that standard prims use. In standard consoles you can touch any prim connected to the root prim when the power is turned off to toggle the control labels on and off. With mesh consoles this only works when the prims you touch are not mesh, therefore not showing controls when you touch a mesh prim. So, these two consoles have had a script change to allow that to happen and function as normal. Updates are in the update server. Rez your old version for an updated version or use the redelivery consoles in the stores.

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