About the T60

Introducing the T60

  • One fantastic system using the same Operating System (OS) from Bad Wolf
  • Greater range of exteriors and console rooms for all users
  • More exteriors to choose from for everyone
  • Large database of locations to visit across the entire Second Life grid
  • Free updates for all existing and new customers


Does my T50 work with the T60 system?

No. Your existing exteriors and console rooms will need to the updated. These updates are free for existing customers though.

The T60 is the Bad Wolf OS, developed by Jon Melendez. It is an entirely new concept and system and not updated T50 scripts and products.

Many original Bad Wolf and NLS exteriors and consoles have already been converted and are available via an automatic update server. When these items are rezzed customers will receive an update free and automatically. We release a mixture of new and updated exteriors and consoles each week. 

Is the T60 canon?

'Canon' is the material accepted as "official" in a fictional universe's fan base. The T60 comprises of some canon and some original designs. Canon designs are painstakingly created using original textures, sounds and effects to create authentic products.

All T60 canon designs use authentic sounds and visual effects using original audio and video sources. These are often used in our original designs too. Some elements can be modified by the end user, such as sounds, or changed via a menu control - for example every console room has a default vortex that is appropriate for that build. However, a user can change the vortex effect using a menu in the role play control.

We include the vast majority (if not all) of canon features in all console rooms. For example, the cloaked landing feature in series 6 was used to hide the exterior, making it invisible on materialisation. This feature can be found in all T60 consoles because if the feature is canon in 2012 then, logically, the same function must have been available in 1964 - the difference is that we didn't know of it until recently. This policy will continue with any subsequent new features.

Who can I contact regarding the Type 60?

Contact Jon Melendez or Laredo Lowtide in world - send notecards please as IMs often get capped. Or send an email to badwolf@gallifreymatrix.com 

Do TTC companies copy each other?

Obviously, there are some designs (such as Police Boxes) which will be very similar in design and functionality as all companies try to recreate designs and effects that are used in the TV show. However, these all work using different scripts and techniques. What we don't do is copybot one another.

Copybot items are illegally copied items that have been taken using methods that are against the Second Life Terms of Service (TOS). Only textures and objects can be copied - scripts cannot be copied at all by any method of copying. This is something shouldn't need to be explained but some people become quite territorial in SL over TTC Systems and start rumours that are unfair, unjustified and unnecessary, so this issue needs to be clearly explained.

Discussions often occur in group chat that T60 modules have been copied from another TTC system. This is simply not the case - all TTC companies know this - and it is not the case that other TTC companies have copied T60 elements either. All of our textures, sounds, animations, gestures and objects are designed from the ground up. Scripts are all unique and written specifically for the T60 by Jon Melendez. They cannot be edited or even viewed by anyone else, which is also the case for other script writers. No-one in group chat has ever seen a T60 script or a script from other TTC systems and therefore cannot justify their claim. Furthermore, changelogs can be viewed in the blog section that clearly show the T60 development stages.

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