Can I submit a build to be included in the T60 product range?

Yes, of course. However, please be aware that not all builds may be accepted for release. Also, we can not guarantee a release timeframe as this depends on time constraints of the team and any existing projects that are taking place. We also reserve the right not to release any submitted build. To submit builds, discuss your ideas initially with a team member and send your build directly to us with full copy, modify and transfer rights. As a result of sending your items, you are agreeing to your prims and textures to be used in a T60 product.

What happens if my build is accepted?

Once accepted we will amend your object(s) as we deem necessary and add our own scripts. No third party scripts are used so please send any builds without scripts. However if you have a particular texture or effect script, ensure it is also set to full permissions when you send your build. We will use your script lines in our own scripts and delete any that are not ours. No scripts will be used in our products other than T60 scripts. Before final release we will send you a copy for you to check that you are happy with any changes that we may have made artistically. When released you will receive a complimentary package containing your build design and your avatar name will be credited on the vendor ads in-world. You will also receive commission from us for each item sold through our vendors.

Do I own the final product?

No. The final product that is actually sold is a package that contains a variety of items that are created by NLS BW, including a rezzer, HUD, notecards and other items including a T60 object featuring your design. Furthermore your original submission will have been amended through the addition of scripts, extra prims (including root prim) and other effects that belong to NLS BW. As mentioned previously, when you submit builds, you send them directly to a team member with full copy, modify and transfer rights. As a result of you sending a full permissions copy, modify and transfer build, you are agreeing to your prims and textures to be used by a third party (the person you give the object to, in this case NLS BW in a T60 product) unconditionally. Textures and/or prims may also be used in other builds.

Can I give my commission to help the sim tier?

Yes, of course – that is most kind. Just let us know in writing. However, if you later change your mind we will start to send commission to your account once we receive your request in writing.

Can I ask for my work to be removed from sale?

As previously mentioned, when you submit your work to us, you do so with full copy, modify and transfer rights. In accordance with SL TOS, you have transferred those rights fully to a third party (in this case, NLS BW) and once released as part of a package, any rights for the released package belong to NLS BW which we will then set accordingly for any subsequent third party we send items to. We never just resell your original build in the form we receive it so any product we release is our own product and therefore a third party has no right to ask for it to be removed. By sending a full permission item you are agreeing to these conditions. Any requests for specific conditions, other than maintaining the creative appearance of your submission, will result in a build being rejected.

What happens if I leave SL?

Any commission payments will continue to be sent to your account unless you tell us in writing to send them to support the sim tier or to another account. We will follow your written instructions until we receive written notice from you stating otherwise.

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