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Website update

Written by admin. Posted in News, Second Life

I’ve been fiddling with the website this weekend and have decided to maintain the site using WordPress rather than a combination of Joomla and WordPress. That way it is easier to update and it makes it simpler for readers to follow. Of course, the database and wiki links are still available in the menu above. I am going to redesign the Opensim access portal using Joomla and the wonderful management component from as I want to develop my Opensim regions to show EXACTLY what Opensim is capable of and how it is as exciting, if not more exciting, than Second Life. So, follow me on Twitter @BadWolfSL, or subscribe to this blog to get email updates or use the RSS feed links below. 2013 is looking to be an exciting year for projects – jump on board! My main priority is still of course the T60 line with my good friends at NLS, where we have some exciting releases coming soon. I am also working on several Opensim regions. I’ll post a link to the registration page soon!

v4.0 changelog

Written by admin. Posted in Script updates, Scripts, Second Life

Most v4.0 changes are ‘under the hood’ to allow multiple cores and console rooms to be used simultaneously. A few minor amendments have also been made to allow additional modifications by the end user. A few bugs have been fixed and all consoles have been retro-fitted with the in-flight turbulence FX. CONSOLE
  • NEW – Roll out of TransitFX to all consoles – in-flight random or manual FX including bumpy
  • NEW – Rez multiple cores/console rooms in the same region or grid-wide
  • NEW – Power menu option ‘Activate’ – activates console room as primary gateway when using multiple rooms/cores
  • NEW – Power menu option ‘Re-rez’ – deletes and re-rezzes non-linked parts in relation to a changed room position
  • NEW – ‘Controls’ is now part of the power system menu to enable users to more easily show console control labels
  • NEW – Direct teleport to exterior when walking into the gateway (console owner only using viewers that allow this function)
  • NEW – Non-owners walking into gateway after console has landed are presented with TP map automatically
  • NEW – Mod the sound played in the background when power is turned on – add your own sound file and it will play
  • UPDATED – Manual location message vector instruction changed from <x.y.z> to <x,y,z>
  • UPDATED – RP script manages vortex change more efficiently so larger builds receive vortex choices correctly
  • UPDATED – ‘Show controls’ control/script removed (now managed by Power menu)
  • UPDATED – Sandbox manager now just reports sandbox presence rather than deleting and managing consoles
  • BUG FIX – Paradox Machine add-on now rezzes around the console centre correctly
  • BUG FIX – When scanner is powered off then on again, the screen no longer defaults to galaxy view
  • NEW – Rez multiple cores in the same sim or grid-wide – allows multiple console room use
  • NEW – Each core (if more than one used) manages the console room that it has rezzed – delete and database entry
  • UPDATED – ‘Delete all’ option no longer required to remove core from database – removed menu option
  • NEW – Add a texture to show as a background in an exterior when using direct travel mode without a console room
  • NEW – Monochrome texture
  • UPDATED – Notecard location list 25.07.12
  • UPDATED – Manual location message vector instruction changed from <x.y.z> to <x,y,z>
  • NEW – default doorway image replaces black texture
  • BUG FIX – Soul appears correctly and no longer disappears after a very short time – script re-written

Known issues

Written by admin. Posted in Console rooms, Second Life

The following are known issues that will be resolved in the next OS update, scheduled for October 2012 McGann console (fixed in v4.0)
  • Vortex menu not functioning
  • Surveillance plaque and menu missing
Eccleston console (fixed in v4.0)
  • Main room shell is no-mod
Pyramids of Mars console (fixed in v4.0)
  • Galaxy texture doesn’t change when taking off
Pertwee  (fixed in v4.0)
  • Doors don’t delete when room is removed from Core
101 (fixed in v4.0)
  • Cloaked landing makes console behave oddly
Soul (fixed in v4.0) In some console rooms this appears then disappears straight away. This has now been re-written and will be replaced in the next release in all console rooms. Paradox machine (fixed in v4.0) Rezzes at the root position doorway rather than centre console position.   If you notice any other issues, please get in touch and report them to  

Blogs, group chats and moans

Written by admin. Posted in Personal, Second Life

Before you read on….I script the T60. Everything. I love T60 products, obviously. I also like HoO products and always have. I have used many other types of TTC  and liked them too. The reason I like them all is because I fully admire and have the greatest respect for all the creators and scripters of every brand of TTC product in SL. It is a difficult and relentless job at times. It’s frustrating occassionally. But it’s very rewarding when people like what you do. It makes all the hours you have invested in something worthwhile. What annoys me is the moaning. The bitching. The sheer nastiness sometimes. Now I know that is human nature. I’m 42. I’m not stupid. I have two kids (21 and 19 for those who are interested). I have a very demanding full time job and an even more demanding Mrs – those of you who know me well know exactly what I mean! I usually ignore the nastiness – I don’t really have the time to let it concern me, which is probably a good thing. But when you read about how your hard work and effort is publically labelled as shit because it isn’t the same as another brand, it’s hurtful. Of course the T60 is different to HoO. They are different. That’s the point. I don’t care if people have differences. Or if there is a ‘past history’. When these sort of comments are made, and group moderators allow them to continue to be made, it’s not the ‘other’ people you are attacking. It’s me.

Setting up your T60

Setting up a rezzer


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